Insurance Claim Roofing ContractorAt Elite Xteriors we work directly with your insurance company on your behalf. We have the experience and knowledge in settling claims. Our 20 years of experience as an insurance claims specialist has provided total construction the opportunities of working with all the major insurance providers.

Our training & expertise set us apart and we can immediately begin the process of returning the damaged property back to its original condition. We’re going to get you everything you deserve!

We’ve Been Specializing in Insurance Claims in Central

Dealing with a home fire, storm damage or any other event that results in damage to your home is frustrating enough, but having to go through the home insurance claims process can be a daunting task. Elite Xteriors specializes in insurance claims and we know how insurance companies work, and we know how to make sure you get every penny you’re rightfully owed.

You Don’t Have to Deal With Your Insurance Company on Your Own

One of the reasons you get home insurance is so that you can avoid financial issues in the future. So why is it that it sometimes seems as though your insurance company goes out of the way to complicate the entire claims process? We’re a construction company that has seen nearly every wrench insurance companies throw into a policyholder’s plans. Some of the things we can do to help ensure you get what you’re owed include:

  • Taking pictures of the damage
  • Looking over your homeowners insurance policy to see what is and what isn’t covered
  • Filling out forms correctly and thoroughly
  • Helping you understand how your insurance coverage works

No matter who your insurance provider is, chances are that we’ve dealt with them in the past and have an idea of how they work and the steps you need to take to streamline the claims process.

We’ll Make Your Home Look Better Than Ever

Once you’ve successfully filed an insurance claim and are ready to start restoring your home, our construction technicians will do their best to make your home look better than it did before the damage. In fact, you might find yourself asking why your home wasn’t damaged sooner.

Contact us to claim your insurance.

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