Siding Installation ServicesSiding is one of the most important features of a home, for a number of reasons. Not only does siding shed water and protect your home from the effects of precipitation and other weather conditions, but this key element also directly influences your home’s property value and curb appeal. Additionally, some studies suggest that replacing your siding can prevent energy loss, reducing your utility bills and improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Some siding options are even designed to be low-maintenance so that homeowners won’t have to worry about painting, staining and other repairs. Because of these potential benefits, you don’t want to let just any company install the siding on your home; instead, you want to work with the best siding company, Elite Xteriors is here to help meet your siding needs.

We Specialize in Siding Installation & Repair

At Elite Xteriors, we understand the value siding holds for your home. As a result, our company offers a number of products and services to help create the look you want. Whether you’re interested in cedar siding, cement fiber board, or even steel or aluminum siding, we have a product that will appeal to your sense of style and your home’s needs. Moreover, we work with the best manufacturers in the business, ensuring that the results of your siding represents the highest quality material and installation, regardless of what style, color or profile you are looking for.

Siding is a key element in every home, and by working with us, you can be sure that yours will be attractive, energy efficient and able to protect you from whatever nature sends your way. Let us help you stay comfortable and make your neighbors jealous.

Siding Manufacturers

Royal Building Products

– Residential (Standard Colors)
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– Crown Select (Dark Colors)
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– Celect (Cellular Siding)
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Gentek Building Products

– Concord (Standard Colors
View ColorsView Brochure

– Sequia (Dark Colors)
View ColorsView Brochure

– Advantage (Standard Colors)
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